Monday, October 17, 2011


Its cold and rainy here, and you know what I kinda like it that way... for now until i start complaining about the cold in a few weeks, don't mind me.
Bed time has been going well for us that last few months.
Something new that we started doing with the baby is reading a story and praying with him.
I mean we would do this with him but now he looks at us and does what we do. Which is SO cute.
he will fold his hands and bow his head and start "praying" with us... which is more of a whisper since we lower our voices when we pray its so stinking cute.
Also he LOVES to put on shoes, not his but anyone elses. Mostly my husbands shoes and he will walk around in them. Seeing as my husbands shoes are 10x his size its quite funny to see him in those shoes.

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  1. So sweet! I love that he prays with you guys. =) Izzy really likes to wear everyone else's shoes too. Gotta love watching them plod around in everyone's shoes lol. =)