Monday, December 5, 2011

Cherry blossom tree inspired nails

If there is one "beauty" type thing I enjoy doing is nails.
I love doing nails.

I have just been doing my nails since I was 9. I can't remember a time when I didn't do my nails.
Now that I am a mommy, and aside my regular mommy attire of pj pants and baggy shirts on an almost daily basis, my nails and occasionally my makeup are my only beauty outlet !

So here is my cherry blossom nails i did the other day!

Christmas seems to be creeping up to fast! truth is every night for the last week i've been drinking hot chocolate by my christmas tree just enjoying the cold nights.

BUT after all the holidays and such come new year resolutions and then valentines day, which i love,
but to be honest I HATED it when i was a teenager, probably for the same reasons every single teenage girl does, the lack of male attention on that day.
But now i have a permanent man in ma life ;) and he always follows through with something fun :)

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